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HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is a U.S. federal law enacted in 1996 as an attempt at incremental healthcare reform. It was subsequently revised in 2009 with the ARRA/HITECH Act and again in 2013 with the Omnibus Rule.

HIPAA’s intent was to reform the healthcare industry by reducing costs, simplifying administrative processes and burdens, and improving the privacy and security of patients’ health information. Today HIPAA compliance mainly revolves around the last item: protecting the privacy and security of patients’ health information.

All of our employees are required to complete specialized HIPAA training.

All of our processes are HIPAA compliant including and most importantly our data destruction procedures.

Our data destruction and recycling process includes the following:

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    We are HIPAA compliant and we provide our services at no charge to health care facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, insurance companies, urgent care facilities, nursing homes and anyone else who is responsible for safeguarding patient information.

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    We are an environmentally conscious device recycling company, and we want our clients to feel good about e-recycling their old devices. Not only is the decision to e-recycle your old computers or smartphones environmentally friendly, but it also ensures that your data is disposed of properly.

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